Thursday, September 20, 2007

Getting Published

There is nothing more exhilarating than going to a book store, moseying to the art/craft section, finding a book, opening it to see your artwork printed for the whole world to see!
How did it get there?

There are many opportunities to get your art/craft published. To start many magazines offer submission guidelines printed in their magazine. Find a magazine that you would like to get published in and see if they have guidelines printed. If not you can research that company online to find if they take outside articles, or develop ideas from outside sources.

Most companies are open to outside submissions. Stampington Company ( is a front-runner with many new publications being developed all the time. They have specific guidelines to submit work. Most publishers have a standard set of rules to follow. By making a checklist of these rules you can decide whether you want to submit your artwork to them. Some companies have contracts that they want you to sign. In this case reading the contract over carefully is vital to your rights as the creator of the artwork. In most cases when you create something you own the copyright of the item. YOU get to decide what happens. If the contract is not in your best interest, you have the right to negotiate that contract to make sure your rights as the artist aren’t being violated. If you are not savvy in this area you could consult a lawyer. Additionally, there is an organization called Volunteer Lawyers for The Arts, and they may also be able to help you out.

If you are interested in book publishing find some books that appeal to you. Check out the style and content to see if your work would be a good match. Then you should research the publisher of that book. Most of these companies have informative websites. If you are not finding the information you need there you can contact the company with your questions. You could also contact some of the artists in these books and ask them about their experience publishing with these companies. By just asking, most people are receptive to having a conversation with you, but don’t take it personally if they are not.

Lastly don’t give up. It might take some time to find the right fit. With a little research and a lot of determination you too can get published!

written by, Dawn Wilson of Creatively Anew

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