Thursday, January 31, 2008

“GREEN" in crafting

by Dawn of creativelyanew

Recycle, reuse, repurpose, upcycle, are not just buzz words but a movement in the world of crafting. Many of the Boston Handmade artists use salvaged, recycled, and repurposed materials to make their creations. These unique works of art are not only beautiful but have some sort of environmental awareness to them.

Louise from THE HOLE THING says,
"My sweaters and accessories are all made from recycled sweaters. I also use old buttons almost exclusively and also fabrics from my clothes and my kid's & husband's clothes that I have loved & saved over the years. In the office I try to reuse paper by printing on the other side if possible and I also reuse shipping boxes when I send orders out to Etsy customers and stores. In general I try my hardest to lead a very environmentally conscious & minimalist life. I am much more of an investor than a consumer. Consumers feel better when they buy things - investors feel better when they save money (and energy). When I run a handful of errands I try to get them done in a fashion that uses the least amount of gas. When I am home I always turn out the light if I am not in the room. I keep the thermostat at 68 degrees and put a sweater on if I am cold. It's the little things that all ad up to make a big difference. See my Go Green and Treading Lightly on the Earth posts on my blog for more info."

Using all vintage materials, Lisa from Glamourpuss Creations uses broken pieces or buys separate vintage components to make jewelry. "Reusing chain, beads, clasps, buttons and even, in most cases, head pins and ear wires, from vintage materials means I'm recycling too! I usually don't deconstruct vintage jewelry that is all intact - I like to preserve those items as is because they're so precious and rare!"

Jessica from Reclaimed To You says, "I do reuse materials, and use found and old and used materials in my work but I never thought of it as truly 'green', but I suppose it is. The reason I am prone to going green in my life and my art is because of an overall desire to make less of a 'carbon footprint'. I like the idea of finding ways to incorporate something that already exists into my artwork instead of having it go into a landfill. I'm glad when I don't have to constantly drive to an art supply store to buy chemicals and synthetic materials because I have found more natural ways to collage and found ways to make my work from what I have in my immediate vicinity. If I can use what I already have in my home and studio to make art, and not buy anything new than it is a successful day."

Having used materials found around me out of necessity (since childhood), I have developed a sense of being aware of my environment. There is so much consumerism in this country and disposable items that it seems a waste of resources for them to just get thrown away. Gathering materials from my everyday life, that would normally just get thrown away, become resources I store until I can determine what to make from them. Most of the ideas that I come up with come from the materials themselves. Paper cut offs, plastic plate material, and detris become journals. Fabric sample books become a feast of colorful scarves and toilet roll tubes become handmade paper books.

Creativity can stem from the simplest of materials. If we all just think about an item before discarding it we might be able to change the world.

See more of Dawn Wilson's work at, creativelyanew

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Workspace Wednesday...

...with Katy of muchacha K

I am working on the sandwich board sign for the Speakeasy Boutique, the studio shop I am opening at the end of February (barring any weird, unforeseen, last-minute city permit requirements!). I'll be selling regional handcrafts as well as my own muchacha K accessories, but before I can do that--I must finish painting the sign!

I'd have sent a picture of the entire shop room, but it's a scary jumble of lighting fixtures, painting supplies, clothing racks and other nutty stuff waiting to be organized into a shop. Plus
the signs are symbolic--a big blank slate, soon to be something terrific.

Stay tuned for news on this exciting new venture!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trademarking for Crafters

Some words of advice from Louise of, The Hole Thing

Have you ever thought of trademarking the name of your business? It might be a smart thing to do so that someone else doesn’t own the rights to your business name or the name that you have chosen for an idea of yours. The good news is that it is easy to do. I did it myself for $275 without hiring a lawyer- simply by following these steps:

1. The first step is to do a search to see if someone else already owns the name that you want to trademark. That is done here. Select the “New User Form Search (Basic)” option. Under “Search Term” put the name that you would like to trademark and then hit the “Submit Query” button. Ignore anything that comes up as “ Dead” as it has expired. It is also important to know that you trademark names by category. For instance, the name of my business is THE HOLE THING and my trademark is for goods and services that include sweaters and scarves etc. Someone else can come along and buy the name THE HOLE THING for the food industry or a machine part etc. For example if they wanted to trademark THE HOLE THING to name the center of a donut they could do it.

2. Once you confirm that the name that you want to trademark is available you can trademark it. Trademarking is done through the US government as well here. After you click on 'Trademarks' (on the left hand side) then click on 'File Online Forms (TEAS)' and then click on 'File new application'. Then click on 'Trademark/Servicemark Application' which is the first choice at the top of the page. Then click on the 'TEAS Plus Form” at the top of the next page and then click “Continue” at the bottom of that page. Now you are ready to fill out the application. I had to have a photo of my garment label and maybe a picture of one of my sweaters ready to load up onto the application. The application is timed - you only have an hour to do it or you lose everything. It is probably enough time if you have your photos ready. It takes about 6 months to get your trademark confirmation from the government. They will send you a postcard in the mail. In the meantime you can put TM next to the name that you are Trademarking. After your trademark is approved you can put the R inside the circle (for registered trademark.)

Now get to it!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Friday, January 25, 2008

Preparing for The 'Be Mine' Valentines Show

Believe it or not,
it's time to start preparing for the next season of craft shows!

Boston Handmade members are eagerly putting together a Valentines Day event at a new venue - The Alchemist Lounge in Jamaica Plain. Once a neighborhood dive bar, The Alchemist has been transformed into a hip restaurant and lounge featuring everything from live music and exotic cocktails to weekend brunch.

Hoping to capture an audience of sweet hearts and lovers, the show will feature lots of jewelry, pretty hand-made purses and lovely printed note cards.

Participants will include:
Katy (Muchacha K)
Amy (Amy Olson Jewelry)
Ann (Buddy Systems)
Jaye (thirteenthstory)
Allison (Fraske Designs)
Lisa (Glamourpuss Creations)
Betsy (Stonehouse Studio)
Beth (Elizabeth Brennick Designs)

Come visit us on
Saturday, February 9th from 11am - 3pm!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Paying Attention, a review

by Betsy, of Stonehouse Studio

The polymer world is lucky to have a superb artist in Kathleen Dustin, and even luckier in that she is so sharing with her techniques, philosophy and observations. Her new work is amazing. Based on pods and organic forms, she converts a humble plastic into a thing of beauty.

Heed her words of wisdom when she talks about the inspiration for this particular polymer clay evening purse on her blog: "Ideas like this come about because I feel my job as an artist includes "paying attention". Earlier in my life when we lived in big cities, in other countries, while I was raising a family, I was paying attention to the stages in my life, paying attention to the lives of other women, and I tried to pay attention to my inner life. All of this is reflected in earlier purses that you can see on my website. Now, with more time and living in the woods of New Hampshire, I am paying attention to nature, not because I ever intended to but because it has pretty much forced itself upon me...By paying attention and then putting it somehow into my work, I hope to open other's eyes and perhaps enable them to pay attention: to life, to the world, to people, to whatever they might be missing at the moment."

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Workspace Wednesday...

...with Nicole of Designs by Lulubelle

It's nothing fancy but this is where I spend a lot of my evenings sewing bags and other accessories for Designs by Lulubelle. Ideally, I'd love to have a true studio space, but I've carved out a pretty decent piece of real estate in my basement/playroom. I'm able to hang various fabric combinations on the wall rods and have surrounded myself with my own little bits of inspiration (my children's artwork). As you can see in the photos, my serger is still in its original packaging. One of my many "goals" for the year is to learn to use my serger successfully.

After finishing up a busy holiday season of custom work, I've spent the last few weeks drafting (and redrafting) new patterns, researching new fabric lines, and trying to define what I'd like to accomplish this year business-wise. My hopes are to have a few new ideas off paper and in my Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for taking the time to see where I work.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Boston Handmade Welcomes NEW Members!

Boston Handmade is pleased to welcome two new members:
Linda of All Dunn Designs, and Christine of Christine Marie Art

"A Couple of Broads" is available now on All Dunn Design's Etsy shop

Linda manipulates old and new fabrics, personalizing them with thermofax prints, photo transfers, procion dyes, and breakdown printing. She believes that even the smallest scrap holds promise, and she often works back into a finished piece with paint and hand-stitching. Of her work Linda says, "While I work, I think about time, fragility, growth and change. I want my work to engage the imagination as well as the eye."

"Speak Loudly" is available now on Christine Marie Art's Etsy shop

Christine is a digital and mixed media collage artist. In recent years her style has combined digital photography, scanned images and ephemera, image transfers, acrylics, canvas and many other less "digital" materials that achieve what might be called digital mixed media.

To see more work by these artists visit their Etsy shops and look for them on this blog and at future Boston Handmade events.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Mosaic Monday - Trees and more trees!

A bit of nature in our New England winter landscape.

This mosaic features work by:
Reclaimed To You
Mimi K.
Lush Beads
Glamourpuss Creations
creatively anew
Stonehouse Studio

Thanks to Mimi K. for putting this together!
Tune in next week for another Mosais Monday!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Thinking Spring...during a snow alert

article by Charissa of Pogibabies Handmade

What better time to work on developing a new product than when you are stuck at home in the middle of a snow storm! One of my goals for Pogibabies this year is to develop at least 2 new items. For me, this means endless trial and error: Sew, rip apart, repeat. I go through this process several times before I come up with my end product. So during the most recent storm I armed myself with my seam ripper and embarked on a new project. My goal: an open toe baby sandal.

I basically just revised my soft shoe pattern to make my new idea come to life. My sewing tip: I make my pattern pieces from a medium weigh sew-in interfacing. It lasts through repeated pin placements, and a marker traced on top of the pattern will permeate slightly onto the fabric underneath. Makes for a quick and easy way to mark placements onto your fabric pieces.

My first attempt was o.k, but looked very un-finished to me. By adding some piping to the sole, I got the finished look that I needed. It took a couple more attempts at the placement of various parts, but in about 2 hours I had my finished open toe sandal pattern. Now it's time to move on to the other 2 products that I have in mind to be developed. Maybe we’ll have another snow storm to motivate me!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Networking Tips for Crafters

Have a stuck like glue networking system
at your finger tips in 2008

Tips on how to keep in touch with other vendors you meet at craft and art shows
, by Kristen Tammaro of Relaxation Works

So you are all geared for your first show of the year. You have a new display theme, awesome new products or pieces and a magnificent new helper at your disposal (thank you teenagers for loving cool Indie shows).

Four hours into the event your display is not looking too shabby and your sales have been at a steady flow. This is a PERFECT time to go around to other vender’s booths and introduce your self and exchange biz cards. This is why having a helper is so great! An hour is ideal but a half hour is effective as well. Ask questions like, what shows are you doing next? Where do you get your bags? Who designs your business cards? If you are nervous about approaching other vendors in your own market base just be upfront about it. “Hey I am a vendor as well and wanted to come by and see all the great artists here at the show today. Here is my biz card and feel free to add me to your mailing list”. It is short, sweet and effective.

MAKE sure to put the place/venue you obtain the card from on the back of the biz card. This will help you categorize your own personal networking list.

Craft and Art shows are a vital part of the Indie designers business. Use those connections that are at your disposal.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Workspace Wednesday...

...with Angela of Paper Menagerie

The month of January is a great time to pause and recover from the insanity of the holiday rush. You can see a lonely pack of holiday cards and my craft fair apron on the desk here--- as well as mailing supplies and the attempt to start an "inspiration board." What's really evident to me is the challenge of what I'd call "apartment life." As a city dweller, I am constantly rearranging the little alcove that is my studio. It's such a small space that it's difficult to make it functional and an inspiring, attractive place to work at the same time. When I do print work on my Gocco, the folding table and drying rack come out and basically take over the whole living room!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Socks + Craft = FUN

Katy B. aka muchachaK took a much-needed break from her usual routine of handbag and accessory making recently and tried something totally new.

Here is the result: Juliette (the headband-sporting aerobi-cat) and Pancho(the mouse, her personal trainer), a jolly pair of Flashdance-loving sock monsters. Hand-stitched from real live socks!

Inspired by the work (and awesome monster-making kits... I started these two using my kit) of John Murphy.

Have fun!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mosaic Monday - A Touch Of Gold

This mosaic features work by:
- Stonehouse Studio
- Fraske Designs
- Amy Olson Jewelry
- Reclaimed To You
- The Hole Thing
- thirteenthstory
- creatively anew
- Glamourpuss Creations
- JHill Design

Some candidates may not, but at Boston Handmade we always get the gold. Here are a few items that have a hint of gold for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks to Mimi K for putting it all together!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Thirteenth With thirteenthstory: The Red Thread

Four years ago I got a phone call from my brother telling me that he and his wife were going to adopt a baby girl from China. This news was most exciting, my first niece was out there somewhere, and they just had to bring her home. This is Mary:
As you may know, the international adoption process is a long and difficult one, filled with the most challenging waiting period I've ever witnessed. It was close to two years later when they were approved and next in line to visit the orphanage in Chengsha.

During that time, my brother and his wife had learned about a Chinese folk tale called The Red Thread. The story is that every time a child is born, they are surrounded with an invisible red thread that connects them to those who will love and care for them in their lifetime. As the child grows older, the red thread shortens in length, bringing them ever closer to loved ones.

One of the agency professionals who was working with my brother and his wife had a red thread tattooed around her ankle! Its a wonderful idea, and inspired this drawing:
Thanks, Jaye (of

Friday, January 11, 2008

Boston Handmade THIS Weekend!

Please join us this Saturday afternoon, January 12th, 2 - 4pm
at the West Roxbury Branch Library in Boston, MA for an exhibition reception featuring the artwork and artists of:
History, Story, Warmth: Quilt

This exhibition includes work by two members of Boston Handmade, Jessica of Reclaimed To You and Dawn of Creatively Anew

For this afternoon only, the artists will be displaying additional works which relate to their art within this month-long featured exhibit. All works will be available for purchase. Refreshments will be provided, and this event is free and open to the public.

When the tradition of quilt making intersects with the contemporary world of art making anything can happen. History, Story, Warmth: Quilt presents the work of three New England artists, Jessica Burko, Michelle Jones, and Dawn Wilson. Each of these artists embraces the historical traditions of quilt making and infuses it with their own brand of whimsy and invention. Using text, vintage photographs, variations in scale, and detailed pictorial stitching, these works challenge conventional notions of what it means to be a quilt.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Choosing A Color Palette

by Betsy, of Stonehouse Studio

I love color and I enjoy deciding on a project palette. But I also love shortcuts! Here's a nifty website that picks out colors from a photograph and lays them out for you like paint chips!

As a polymer artist who mixes all my own colors, it's a real time saver. Here I have a photo of a vegetable stand in Stresa, Italy with the corresponding color palette. Appropriately enough, I was in Stresa attending a color workshop! Check out Big Huge Labs and play! And don't miss all their other neat design tools while you're there!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Workspace Wednesday...

...with Louise of The Hole Thing

Welcome to THE HOLE THING studio. Everything that I make for my line is made here from recycled felted wool sweaters. The sweaters are easily felted in the laundry room right next door. What I like most about my studio is the good lighting and that the worktables are different heights. This is especially good for me because I am tall. I also like the good storage space and that there is a place for everything including my KH-970 knitting machine, which I can create practically anything on.

Currently I am working on organizing my space after a very busy holiday season. I am also making a hat for myself that you can see in the top photo and photographing my work so that I can replenish my Etsy site. After this I plan to design a new hole sweater for adults, and one for dogs too, and design several other ideas that I haven’t had time to try the past few months.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Web Tips For Crafters

by Allison of Fraske Design

If you would rather spend time working on your craft than spend time worrying about maintaining your personal website, perhaps is a great match for you.

I meet artists all the time who don’t have a website because maintaining one seems like either a daunting technological task or too pricey for the look they want (and deserve!). is a company that offers a host of simple yet eye catching website skins and allows you to develop and customize it to maximize your online presence. Best of all, the plans they offer are affordable.

I have recommended this website to several people and have heard only great things about the functionality of the site and the customer service they offer. I am even considering switching over to it because my current website is just basic html right now. They have come a long way in a short amount of time and their customization options are nearly limitless. will let you do a free trial and see how hassle free this portfolio website hosting company really can be! Above is a screen shot of a trial front page from combining a variety of their templates, colors, and patterns… I did this in a flash, and you can, too!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday Mosaic - Birds Everywhere

A little bit of spring in your January day from Boston Handmade.

This mosaic was put together by Mimi K and features work by:

Muchacha K
Fraske Designs
Elizabeth Brennick Designs
Paper Menagerie
Mimi K

Tune in next Monday for another Boston Handmade Mosaic!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Getting Crafty

with SHIP by RLS

handmade frames like this one are available for purchase
through the Etsy shop of SHIP by RLS

Last November I woke up and felt crafty. As a kid we had an art box, this huge monstrosity that crayola threw up in which my mother would pull out on rainy afternoons or snow days. She would sit us down with
a cup of hot cocoa (extra marshmallows) and open the box and we’d be on our own coloring, gluing, and cutting away the day spewing refrigerator art and mini pieces of paper all over the floor.

I took a 17 year break from crafting. Ok, intermittently I made sports team posters involving glitter pens, but other than that, crafting and I broke up. No real reason, we just grew apart, we went our separate ways. And then last November … crafting walked back into my life. It started innocently enough I was making handmade books here and there, and then December came around and one morning over coffee I decided…everyone will get a handmade gift from me. My drafting table, reserved for paying bills was transformed into … craftland. Books were made, calendars created, stencils cut, and … and a frame was made. How was I to know that one little frame created because I couldn’t find the right one at Michael’s Crafts would lead me into the world of official artisan.

Its interesting how slowly you grow up and one day you realize you’re an adult and people are constantly asking you what it is you do for fun, do in your free time and … you don’t know. What DO I do? And here I was, I found something, I was having fun! I was cutting and gluing and creating and I had these really cool tangible pieces of my time and I was proud of them and excited and I was sharing them with people and they actually wanted them!

I found Etsy by accident, such an accident that I can’t even remember how I came upon it. But it has opened up so much for me that I cant even believe that a recycled frame and a website have lead to so much, and not just a shop and all that comes with it but friends and an artist community/family that has pushed me further than I ever would have taken myself.

Thanks Etsy and BostonHandmade!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Handcrafted Fabric Delights, an interview...

...with Nicole fromDesigns by Lulubelle
written by Dawn of creatively anew

Meeting Nicole and seeing her product was a delight. Her designs are fresh and beautifully handcrafted. From baby items to handbags, the fabrics are lush and put together in colorful combinations.

DW: How did you get started crafting?

DBL: I've been crafting for as long as I can remember. I spent the summers down the Cape as a young child and can remember using my "sewing machine" to sew my father ties for work. I think I was around five years old. The needle and thread were even enclosed in plastic for extra safety :) From that point, I've pretty much dabbled in all things "crafty" -- from numerous art classes, photography, to beadwork and sewing. In junior high and high school, I had a passion for fashion design and creating my own clothes. My walls were covered with sketches of prom dresses and such. My focus switched to a career in nursing in high school, so art took the back seat for a while. My senior year in college, I reconnected with my love of art through an art history class and drawing 101. I've really discovered my love of sewing and the combining of colors over the past year or so. Having my children (ages 2, 4, and 6) has really sparked my love and desire for creativity all over again. It's funny what a box of crayola can do for you! I never knew I could get that excited or inspired walking into a newly discovered fabric store or opening a package of new fabric in the mail.

DW: With three little ones how do you find time to create?

DBL: With three little ones, fitting in time to create can be tough but it's definitely an essential part of my day. Fortunately, my children have caught the artistic "bug" and are more than happy to sit down with art supplies and get creative too.. I try to sneak in some time at the sewing machine while my youngest is napping but she prefers to "help" sort my pins and sit on my lap while I sew. I'm a bit of a night owl and usually find myself heading off to my workspace around 10pm and usually work for a few hours or so. I've taken over a section of "man-town" in the basement so my husband will occasionally hang out with me to keep me company.

DW: Where does your inspiration come from to create?

DBL: I get a lot of inspiration from color and the combinations I am able to create with them. I have a love of patchwork and love incorporating modern fabrics into more traditional patterns. I enjoy scouring the various design websites and magazines for ideas in pattern and texture.

DW: Do you create your own patterns, or follow patterns?

DBL: For the majority of my pieces, I create my own patterns. I do need to learn to write my dimensions out before piecing things together. There have been several times that I surprise myself on the first trial run and then have to "recreate the wheel" in order to draft a formal pattern. I think that the fun part is sketching out an idea and then trying to recreate it in fabric. I'm embarassed to admit it, but I keep my sketchbook and markers in my nightstand for when those random ideas just come to me. Even my little ones help me "draft" ideas when we're coloring at the kitchen table.

DW: When did you start your business? Why?

DBL: I just started my business in the spring of 2007. I've always wanted to do it but something just made me decide the time was right. I love being a nurse but have always yearned for a more creative outlet in my life. I'm hoping that I will be able to develop it even more in the year to come. It has been a huge learning experience for me, but I have loved it every step of the way.

DW: Do you have any advice for starting your own business, or tips that have helped you start yours?

DBL: I don't feel seasoned enough yet to offer tips since I'm still in such the beginning stages. I do believe it's important to trust your judgement and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. I've wanted to do this for a long time but something just held me back -- don't be afraid to try something new. There will be times of failure and success and there will be some very long nights...

To see Designs by Lulubelle check out her Etsy shop!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Workspace Wednesday...

...with Dawn of Creatively Anew

After the December holiday fairs it was great getting into the studio and just making something. Here is a shot of my table where I am working on collage with paper and fabric. Next will be a clean up of the space for a fresh start in 2008.

Tune in next week for another Workspace Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

2008 calendar by JHill Design

Reflections by, Nicole of Designs by Lulubelle

As we say goodbye to 2007 and ring in 2008, New Year's resolutions often come to mind.

Rather than focus on the more typical resolutions, I decided to focus my resolutions on the creative side of my life.

I'd like to make quilts for the important people in my life, learn Italian or French, learn to knit and focus on expanding my business.

This year, I asked other Boston Handmade members what their resolutions were for the upcoming year.

Dawn of Creatively Anew focuses on her top three for the New Year. Her first goal is to CLEAN out the studio. Dawn also states "I will also be exploring a new way of working by introducing a color theme for the month and I will also be doing research on writing a book which is a long term goal that I feel I can dive into".

Angela of Paper Menagerie states "My New Year's resolutions for Paper Menagerie include using more recycled and repurposed materials, as well as expanding beyond cards and prints. You can look for stickers, bookplates, and some fabric work in 2008! I'm also resolving to take a few classes to broaden my skills".

Jessica of Reclaimed to You states, "My goal is to do more sewing. I was really inspired by Beth's sewing workshop and in 2008 I really want to make time to: do some quilting for all the children I have in my life, sew some tote bags to use instead of plastic shopping bags (and to give them as gifts to friends as encouragement to use less plastic bags), and make household items and small articles of clothing for my family and friends."

Kris of Relaxation Works has " two new lines coming out in 08, one is called RW LAB. This is where new products ideas are born and new formulas are tested on our greatest critiques, our customers. There is no pretty packaging, just great products that have mega potential. Ingredients are mashed, ground whipped and stirred to bring cutting edge new ideas about bathing natural. The second one is called RW Aromatherapy. This includes 14 custom blend options and a great ECO Friendly package that comes with an Eco friendly reusable grocery bag, huge lip balms and aromatherapy products."

Allison of Fraske Designs states "I usually don't make resolutions, but last year for 2007 I decided to resolve to create more. My motivation was the website which posts a different topic each week for artists to use as inspiration, and you have a week to post it back on the website. While I haven't been able to keep up every single week (and I knew that going into it), that website has prompted me to create some of my favorite pieces such as my Air Show, Gravity, and Jellyfish digital collages which are available as cards and prints in my Etsy shop. I decided that I would keep the same resolution for 2008 and expand my mediums. I have always enjoyed making mosaics (mainly coasters as gifts) and I have been teaching myself how to crochet (slowly but surely). Being part of Boston Handmade has piqued my interest in other mediums as well. Each member brings something different, unique, and beautiful to the table, and that is very inspiring!"

Warm wishes for a happy and healthy New Year! Here's to making 2008 a creative one!
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