Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BH Finds: New Years Eve

by Lucie of Lucie Wicker Photography

I'm taking a cue from the popular Etsy Finds feature, which scouts out cool themed items, to bring you some fun Boston Handmade picks for your New Year's celebration:

FIN Four, Limited Edition Print by thirteenthstory

Sea Glass Wine Stopper by Seaglass Things

Sterling Falling Water earrings by Cristina Hurley

Leather Billfold Wallet with Antique Pocket Watch by hypothesis

Crocheted Hessonite Necklace by nancyrosetta

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Love My Tree and 3 Kings

This is my Christmas tree, and this year I decided to purchase an artificial tree for a few reasons.

The first was that my daughter gets really upset when she sees any kind of tree being cut down for any reason, even if its dead, or sick, or whatever. She cries. So when it came time to get a tree, she said, "Please mommy, lets get a fake tree and save a poor little tree from the chipper!"
The second reason is I hate cleaning up after a dead tree, and it makes me kind of sad too that we love this tree for a few weeks and then throw it in the dumpster. What, like once its served its purpose, it has no value? It goes from being our favorite thing, to being a piece of trash?

The best and final reason is, I want to keep it up for a lot longer than usual, because I want to celebrate 3 Kings Day this year. This is a great holiday I celebrated with my family all throughout my childhood. It falls on January 6, and is known to some as Epiphany. I grew up in Puerto Rico, and many Latin cultures including mine celebrate it and give the presents to children and loved ones on this day instead of Christmas. In my family, we always celebrated both, so it made our Holiday vacation extra long and fun. We kept the tree up , and had an extra fun day to look forward to after the New Year. We even had school off until after then. It was awesome.

So in the end, I'll get to enjoy my tree a bit longer, and maybe save a tree, AND celebrate just a little bit more joy of the season with my family.
What more could I ask for?

Life is good.
Happy Three Kings Day!
Feliz Dia de Reyes!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Mosaic - Shiny Things

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Step into the New Year with so bling from Boston Handmade.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from Boston Handmade

"Faneuil Hall Christmas Tree" by Lucie Wicker

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and handmade holiday!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the Night Before Christmas at Downtown Crossing

by Marla Kunselman of Sea Glass Things

'Twas the night before Christmas in Downtown Crossing
People were scurrying and the snow was sloshing
The streets were still bustling as the cold wind blew
Because there was a lot more shopping to do

People of Boston have all come together
To support local artists despite of the weather
Forget shopping malls and things made from China
We got handmade items and that is much finer

The Boston Handmade Store’s lights were a twinkle
And from the sky snow came down in a sprinkle
Shoppers hurried in and boy there were plenty
Count was soon lost when the crowd hit twenty

With clinking and dinging the cash register rang
As carolers came in the shop and sang
Goodies were flying off the shelves in a hurry
And away they would leave through the door in a scurry

Bumble Belly sold encaustics of sweet little girls
While Lush Beads had mouthwatering bracelets of pearls
Oh how they loved the vintage figures of spun cotton
I think even a few Martha Stewart may have gotten

Cozy up your cottage with some felted wool bowls
And dress up your table with Bancroft Studios
Scarves are selling like hotcakes from Usable Goods
The cold isn’t leaving… we’re not out of the woods

Hey Betsy! Hey Brooke! Hey Jess and Christine!
Look Mimi, Look Lucie, Look Kiki and Colleen!
Answer questions…. sell items… we are having a ball
Now shop away… shop away… shop away all!

How about Asian accessories from Majenta Designs
or pincushion tiny worlds that would just blow your mind
A Tactile Baby needs some handcrafted toys
All the Numbers can dress all the girls and the boys

Check out the photography of K. Hawkins and L. Wicker
The sweaters from Blue Alvarez couldn’t get any thicker
Metalworks from Nancy Rosetta and Christina Hurly
Sterling silver and bling and just a bit girly

Let’s not forget polymer jewelry from Stonehouse Studio
Oh my… it’s getting late – where did the time go to?
Keep shopping…keep buying it isn’t last call
Christine Marie has mixed media art for your wall

Ninjas of sorts can be found lurking around
Because Thirteenth Story has been back in town
A journal of leather to hold someone’s dreams
White Sparrow Bindery sews love in all of the seams

Other items can also be purchased from here
Some old friends are back to sell their goods this year
Little Wishes jewelry and DeShawn Marie’s soap
Abba Dabba Bag’s fabric prints are really dope

New faces have joined to make the store plump
Zeal and Tamily will get you out of a slump
Fisherman’s Daughter is fresh and just a bit funky
Another shop makes crazy sock monkeys!

Use Albertine Press to send all your thank yous
Do I need them already? Where does the time go!
So deck all your halls… share time with your friends
BH will be sad to see the Holiday end

The shoppers grow weary and soon disappear
We hope we’ll be able to do this next year
So we close the doors and turn out the lights
Happy Holidays to All and to ALL a GOOD NIGHT!

(photos courtesy of Jessica of Reclaimed to You)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Feast for the Eye

by Brooke of Bancroft Studios

No matter what your material of choice may be you are sure to find inspiration at the Iris Apfel exhibition currently showing at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Ma. With an explosion of color and texture each of the 80+ ensembles are a celebration of style and creativity. Check out these three short videos to get a sense of who Iris is and how her particular sense of style developed. Also take a moment to check out the nifty interactive section of the website called "All Dolled Up" where you can play dress up and send your creations down a virtual runway… much more fun than those paper dolls of my youth!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Down on the Farm

by Kerry Hawkins from Kerry Hawkins Photography

We have a farm share or CSA with a lovely farm in Dover, MA. It is great to pick up vegetables for the winter. Most of the farm share is made up of vegetables such a squash, rutabaga, potatoes, onions, but we do receive some lettuce and cabbage. It is wonderful to have fresh vegetables this time of year. I took a few shots at our last pick-up.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Mosaic - Yuletide Greetings

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Season's Greetings from Boston Handmade!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Downtown Gallery Final Week

by Jessica Burko of Reclaimed To You

Our 2nd annual downtown holiday gallery is open for a few more days! So don't worry, there's still time to visit and purchase original, handmade gifts for everyone on your list in time for Christmas. We'll be open today, Sunday, December 20th, despite the snow from 1-5pm, and tomorrow, Monday, December 21st through December 23rd from 11am to 7pm each day, and our hours on December 24th are from 11am to 5pm especially for those last minute shoppers!

There are so many amazing handmade delights still available in the gallery, and also on view in our storefront display windows!
Jen of Blue Alvarez has been changing up our window displays each week and it's been a real treat to see each new vignette that she creates.
Be sure to stop by before we disappear from our temporary storefront location - - there's no telling where we may pop up next!
The gallery is located at 505 Washington Street in Boston's Downtown Crossing shopping district, between Temple Place and West Street. See you there!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Concert Posters - The Small Stakes

By Allison of Fraske Designs

For a few years, I have been following the work of Jason Munn of The Small Stakes. I very clearly remember getting an email from Daily Candy with a link to his website, and what I discovered was amazing design overload. His style is so clean and elegant. Over time I have noticed many recurring concepts, but the designs do not feel redundant. Here are some of my favorites:

Friday, December 18, 2009

Busy Times & The Creative Mind

by Liz of Lush Beads

Being an artist during the holiday season is tough. It is our time for lots of selling, and we are kept busy by shows, custom orders, and an endless stream of customers! It can get exhausting, and as the end of the season approaches, I am finding it difficult to keep my focus on those last few tasks and orders.

Instead, I find that I want to: sleep, daydream, and work on all the fabulous new ideas I've come up with over the last 6-8 weeks. What is it about working hard for the holiday season that kicks our creative side into high gear? Especially when we have absolutely zero time to put into those new ideas until after the holiday season is over? It can be very frustrating and distracting.

Some people use a notebook to jot down descriptions or make sketches of new ideas, so they are not forgotten. I collect a pile of beads in colors and sizes that will work for my new design idea, and write myself a quick note describing the technique I want to use. I put it all in a Ziploc bag and it goes into my "projects" bin. Once the busy time has passed, I go through that bin and find that bag of beads, and the note jogs my memory.

There are times when I give in to the muse and run with it for a while. Sometimes you just can't stop it!

What do you do when you are full of new ideas and you have no time to investigate them?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shop Local!

by Jennifer of MaJenta Designs

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, shopping malls are packed with massive crowds and for those who support handmade and local artists, there are also plenty of exciting holiday craft shows and markets coming up and Boston Handmade's Downtown Crossing Gallery too! However, for those who want to avoid the crowds and still want to support handmade by shopping from the comforts of their own home - there is still yet another option! Etsy's "Shop local" function!

Its very easy to do, just go to Etsy's homepage, then click on the tab on the left hand side called "shop local" and then you can just enter your town or state and it will find some of the Etsy shops closest to you! This way you can feel good about supporting local artists and buying unique handmade gifts, and rest at ease that you can get your items sooner in the mail too!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thirteenth Story Holiday Cards

by Jaye of thirteenthstory

Here is the latest FIN print from Thirteenth Story.

... and don't forget to pick up some FIN Ninja holiday cards:

Thank you, and happy holidays!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Interview with New Boston Handmade Member Hypothesis

By Rebecca of Hypothesis

BH: Tell us a bit about yourself (name, location, affiliations, personal stuff).
Hypothesis: I live in Watertown on the Cambridge border, but I grew up in Connecticut. My studio is on the second floor of the apartment I share with my best friend, Kris, and our tiny dog, Lucy. Together we drink a lot of coffee, chat about loving Christmas, and generally obsess about things that look old.

BH: What are your favorite materials?
Hypothesis: If something doesn't have a little bit of give to it, it doesn't excite me that much. When I go to a tag sale, an estate sale, or a thrift store, I can feel the buzz of loved objects that are just waiting for me to get my hands on them. I especially love rescuing anything that might be (oh no!) thrown away.

BH: Describe your work.
Hypothesis: I generally try to make something better out of something already good. Take a vintage leather belt for example - it could be that the buckle is broken, a hole or two is worn out, or the color is starting to fade. Once I get my hands on it, it is utterly transformed.

BH: What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday morning?
Hypothesis: On Sundays my girlfriend and I go to mass at the Paulist Center off Park Street in Boston. Since we both grew up Catholic, it's really nice to have this time together.

BH: Is there anything about you that would surprise people to know?
Hypothesis: I am extremely shy, and things like craft fairs and shows make me very nervous. I try to do my best, though!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Mosaic - Hot for Boston Handmade!

Tired of wintery weather? Cozy up with this week's mosaic, which is full and sunshine and warmth!

This week also introduces a new format for the mosaic. Clicking on an image will now take you directly to that item on etsy, making it easier to find the featured items you love!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bazaar Bizarre 2009!

by Jen Paulousky of Blue Alvarez Designs

What a crazy day! Bazaar Bizarre Boston 2009 was spectacular, held this past Sunday, December 6th, at the Cyclorama. Boston Handmade was there to represent in our very own gorgeous space courtesy of the fabulous show organizers.

After noon time the place was packed! But I managed to get some pictures of our tight-knit group before the madness was in full swing. Here are some of my favorite photos of the day's action:

Jen of majenta Designs

Alicia and Tony of Chromalab

Betsy of Stonehouse Studio with Marla of Sea GLass Things

Beth of Elizabeth Brennick Designs and Crystal of Vintage by Crystal.

If you didn't get a chance to buy handmade at the Bazaar, there are still lots of opportunities this month! Come meet us and many other local artists at the SoWa Holiday Market, Mass Market, and of course all month long at the Boston Handmade Store!

Friday, December 11, 2009

BH at Sowa Holiday Market This Weekend!

by Lucie of Lucie Wicker Photography

Has it really been a year already? Apparently so! This weekend is the 6th Annual Sowa Holiday Market and once again several Boston Handmade members will be selling their goods for the two day show-

Bumble Belly Designs
Chroma Lab
Lucie Wicker Photography
Stonehouse Studio
The Art and Craft of Mimi Kirchner
Vintage by Crystal

We will be there Sat & Sun from 10am to 6pm along with another 80+ amazing artists and craftsmen. Need directions? Click here!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

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