Thursday, October 18, 2007

JHll Design's Inspiration Wall

Last year, when I first redesigned my studio, I didn't put up my bulletin board. Instead I painted one HUGE wall with chalkboard and this is where I was going to write all my notes. This worked for about 2 days before I felt a huge void, where was I going to post all my inspiration pieces? So I took down some artwork and up went my bulletin board. I loved Jessica's previous post, seeing what things are on her board so I thought I would share mine.

Some highlights include:
• My Girl Scout sash complete with badges
• Drawings from previous calendars that I want to revisit
• A new sea urchin pattern for a large rug
• A beautiful mailer showcasing artist Linda DeHart's paintings
• A post card for another favorite artist Lisa Houck
• Tickets to go see my boyfriend's favorite band Ween
• Stamps, I always collect cool stamps and never use them, no matter how dire the situation
• Lucky numbers! cleaning out some of my Grandmother's things I found her lucky megabucks numbers

I always rotate things on the board, sometimes going through the layers can be the equivalent of a small archaeological dig.

So... What is on YOUR inspiration wall?


  1. Cool, the girl scout sash really inspired me. I am a leader and need to get to my mom's house and scout out mine!
    You are an inspiration

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