Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Music to Our Ears - Part 1

by, Karalee of Karalee Designs

I asked the Boston Handmade girls what types of music inspire them while working on their newest and greatest designs. Here is part one of the listening pleasures...

Katy of Muchacha K Handmade
Spoon - Gimme FictionSpoon - Girls Can TellSpoon - GaGaGaGaGaSam CookeSweetback
"I always, ALWAYS listen to music while I'm working in the studio. I will listen to the same thing over and over too, until I get sick of it. Right now (for like 6 months) it's the sexy sounds of Spoon...yeah, sexy and sewing do go together, go figure. I have three Spoon albums that I keep repeating: Gimme Fiction, Girls Can Tell and GaGaGaGaGa. For a Spoon break I've been popping in Sam Cooke and the occasional Sweetback. But I get on a kick like that...good thing I have my own studio or I'd have a studio mate writing Dear Abby letters "Dear Abby, my sick studio mate has been listening to the same friggin' albums over and over and I hate her now, should I tell her or just move out?" I think I feel an Air Supply marathon coming on though...awwwwyeaaaaaah...maybe Air Supply and Barry Manilow....yes! Or an Air Supply, Manilow, JOURNEY trifecta...with a Megadeth chaser...oh wow..."

Jaye of thirteenthstory
The Accompanist
"When I am drawing I love to listen to soundtracks. My favorite are the ones for The Accompanist and Guenevere."

Mimi of Mimi K
"For many years I have listened to audio books while I work. I used to listen to classics and great books, now mostly what I like to call audio fluff :-) I have recently discovered podcasts and I am tracking down all sorts of goodies to listen to. I recently listened to all the podcasts on Craftypod."

Karalee of Karalee Designs
Erin McKeownAni DifrancoEddie VedderJoshua RadinThe Weepies
"Rocking my ipod at the moment are a mix of my favs Erin McKeown (Boston - you just missed her), Ani Difranco, anything with Eddie Vedder (his new cd from the " Into the Wild" soundtrack is totally up to Vedder fan standards), Joshua Radin and The Weepies (cause everyone needs a little weepie in their life)."

Thanks for sharing ladies...more next month...

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  1. Okay, see this is a great way to add to our own music collections...see what other people are listening to :)


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