Thursday, October 4, 2007

The New Home of Muchacha K Handmade

It's a whole lot of space all to myself, but what a luxury.
There are two rooms: a front room that I am transforming into a place to display my work and the work of others, and the main room, which is my work studio. The natural light is beautiful and calming. I am still trimming the walls (haha, hopefully the parts I haven't finished aren't too obvious in these pics!), but am almost totally done with the painting.

Since I painted the walls, the framing details around
the windows really pop out nicely. The building is circa 1874 and they haven't done a ton of modern remodeling up here--which is a serious bonus in my book. Don't know if I'll ever be done unpacking all of my fabric (or organizing storage space)! Note the awesomely huge futon that will serve as my naptimeSince I painted the walls, the framing details around the companion for those late work nights that I seem to be so fond of, especially around holiday market time.
We'll have to have the Boston Handmade "North Satellite" Meeting up here sometime!

Photos and text by Katy of Muchacha K


  1. The architecture is just beautiful. Enjoy your new space!


  2. Great space Katy! I mentioned to you that I'm scoring some pretty nice clothing racks. Similar to what you had at the Stitch n Bitch. Depending on how many there are I'll definitely put one aside for you. Congrats.

  3. great new space
    Enjoy the room it will fill up fast, and the colors are beautiful

  4. Thanks guys...I love the space.

    You're right Dawn, the space IS filling up fast!

    (Beth, I definitely won't argue if you sent a clothing rack my way!)

    I was hoping to get the front room open to the public this month, but I have a class this semester that is slowing my I'm thinking it'll launch after the new year. Hopefully I can do a BH trunk show :)


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