Saturday, October 13, 2007

the thirteenth with thirteenthstory: pages from a pillow book

A pillow book is a collection of writings and drawings that have been
collected to show a period of someone's life. Its similar to a
journal or diary in that it documents time, emotion, and events in
one's personal experience.

At the last moment of the day, I turn to mine and make an entry. Its
always in ink or paint; there is no erasing, no perfection, no limits,
and no witness. Its as raw as my art ever gets. It is swift and

This page was done in nailpolish:

I've found that keeping a pillow book not only helps me unwind from
each day, but helps my creative process stay loose. If you have any
questions, or want to share pages from your own pillow book, please do
so in the comments.

Thanks and be well.

- Jaye of

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