Friday, December 14, 2007

Relax Into the Season...

...With Relaxation Works Skin & Spa Company

an article written by Lynne of Cozy Cottage Creations
featuring the luxurious, delicious, healthy spa products made by Kris of Relaxation Works Skin & Spa

Ah, yes, my wishlist is long this year! As I explore every shop here at Boston Handmade, my virtual shopping cart aches to be filled. So much talent, and so many choices that are right for everyone on my list. I rub my chapped hands together – where to start?

How about with the one thing I can no longer live without – the one item I positively must have right now before I continue. The choice is easy – hooray! Relaxationworks to the rescue!

First stop – “Melt my Heart Solid Lotion”. These cute heart shaped lotions melt with the warmth of your hands into a smooth buttery oil which swirls around the sandalwood and vanilla powder to gently exfoliate and nourish your skin. And they’re easy to travel with, too. Just seal them in a plastic bag and they’re good to go. You get five, so I’m keeping one upstairs, downstairs, in my car, next to the kitchen sink and right beside my shopping cart (the computer, that is). Now that snow is upon us here in New England, couldn’t we all use a bit of pampering?

As an added bonus, Relaxationworks donates 20% of this sale to Children's Friend & Services, a great charity based in Rhode Island that supports families and helps them find the strength to overcome their hurdles. Now there’s two things to feel good about!

And Kris says, "Winter weather is here in New England and there is no getting around it (I've tried). To protect your skin from top to bottom pick up a body scrub from Relaxation Works Skin & Spa Co. Not only is the new Organic Chocolate line scrumptious but its jammed packed with good for your skin ingredients like Kukui nut oil, Mango butter and Shea butter. Try out the Crushed Brazilian Mocha Bean for a wakeup call for the senses. This scrub is filled with fair trade freshly ground coffee beans. Don't let the winter blues dull your skin…make it glow!!!"

Happy Shopping!


  1. I also need to plug Kris' Sugar Me Down Body Scrub in Ginger. My skin was super dry and I bought it from her at a show . . . the most amazing scrub ever! Stayed on and smelled great all day.


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