Friday, December 28, 2007

Start on the Street - A Review

Review of the Start on the Street - Holiday Arts Happening
DCU Center, Worcester, MA, December 9, 2007
by Liz of Lush Beads and Kris of Relaxation Works Skin & Spa Co.

Two artists, two views, one show.

Liz says: "stART on the Street hosted their first holiday show at the DCU Center in Worcester on December 9th. Lucky for them, the Boston Pops were playing a show that same day! I went in with high hopes for my last show of the season.

"The day started out promising, with a reasonable crowd in attendance by 11:30AM. Once the time for the Pops concert came around at 2PM, though, the crowd thinned to almost nothing. The hoped-for return of the crowd at the end of the show (around 4:15PM) didn't really materialize. The organizers let us pack up a half hour early.

"I can't say enough good things about stART on the Street and how organized and friendly everyone is. Load-in and load-out were quick and efficient. Volunteers came by to booth-sit when you needed to use the bathroom or stretch your legs. When the concessions thing started to fall apart, they stepped in and tried to do something about it.
"The facility space at the DCU Center was serviceable, and it was a joy to drive in to load and unload our items. There were issues with vendor parking, pre-show food availability and timely concession availability that would make me think twice about doing a show there again though.

"Overall, I am glad I attended. The Worcester crowds are friendly and knowledgeable about crafts, and that's always a pleasure."

Kris says: "I was at the Start on the Street Holiday Happening show and can I tell you how much fun and excitement was in the air.

"Not only was the Worcester DCUCenter bursting with artists but the center was also hosting a Boston Pops Show. I met this great duo (Rose Chang & Lisa Drabik ) of the Indie deign company POission. They traveled all the way from good ol’ Canada to come to the Holiday Happening show and just 24 hours prior they were at the Bust show in Manhattan. Now isn't that a crazy trip or what, eh?
"I got to witness the hysterical absurdity of Paper Menagerie’s Library card prints as we shared a booth and exchanged vegetarian recipes. As we were exchanged recipes I saw the faces of some of the passerby’s that took a gander at Angela's “Libraries make me poop” cards. Some laughed some turned their nose up in disgust and some just shook their head and kept walking."

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