Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Workspace Wednesday...

...with Elizabeth Brennick Designs

"As many of you know we've been living in a trailer for almost a year while our house is under construction. Well, except for the 87 days in a hotel. I've taken over our dinette and my parents house with my stuff. The only way I keep sane in both work spaces is a lot of store bags. I've organized all of my notions, fabrics, stuffing, etc. into numerous bags. I hope my future Workspace Wednesdays will show my new studio which used to be our old bedroom.

I'm working on holiday gifts for family and friends and keeping my pledge to buy or make handmade goods. I'm making 50 stockings for both of my kids classroom schoolmates. I was looking for something simple and fast that I could sew on the machine instead of all of my
felt stuffed designs are sewn by hand. I hope they are a hit with the kids!

Family and friends will be getting a set of my felt stuffed bird ornaments. Some of you know them from our first show at Jessica's studio. I made them for our goodie bags and I know a few of you scored them for yourselves. Also for my close friends I'm making coffee cozies along with a gift certificate from Dunkin's. I used some left over heavy weight fabric in a chocolate brown with cool colors of different sized dots and the other fabric has spirograph shapes. The colors remind me of coffee. I had a left over cup and a cardboard sleeve that Dunkins/Starbucks gives you and I got my pattern from that. I added some velcro and you got yourself a stylish reversible coffee cozy."

To see what handmade fabric items Beth has for sale visit her Etsy shop, Elizabeth Brennick Designs


  1. Rock on girlfriend
    you are so cool to make all handmade gifts for your kids class. and keep to the handmade pledge
    Merry Christmas

  2. Beth you always make the most creative things!!!! I admire all your work!


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