Thursday, January 17, 2008

Networking Tips for Crafters

Have a stuck like glue networking system
at your finger tips in 2008

Tips on how to keep in touch with other vendors you meet at craft and art shows
, by Kristen Tammaro of Relaxation Works

So you are all geared for your first show of the year. You have a new display theme, awesome new products or pieces and a magnificent new helper at your disposal (thank you teenagers for loving cool Indie shows).

Four hours into the event your display is not looking too shabby and your sales have been at a steady flow. This is a PERFECT time to go around to other vender’s booths and introduce your self and exchange biz cards. This is why having a helper is so great! An hour is ideal but a half hour is effective as well. Ask questions like, what shows are you doing next? Where do you get your bags? Who designs your business cards? If you are nervous about approaching other vendors in your own market base just be upfront about it. “Hey I am a vendor as well and wanted to come by and see all the great artists here at the show today. Here is my biz card and feel free to add me to your mailing list”. It is short, sweet and effective.

MAKE sure to put the place/venue you obtain the card from on the back of the biz card. This will help you categorize your own personal networking list.

Craft and Art shows are a vital part of the Indie designers business. Use those connections that are at your disposal.

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