Thursday, January 24, 2008

Paying Attention, a review

by Betsy, of Stonehouse Studio

The polymer world is lucky to have a superb artist in Kathleen Dustin, and even luckier in that she is so sharing with her techniques, philosophy and observations. Her new work is amazing. Based on pods and organic forms, she converts a humble plastic into a thing of beauty.

Heed her words of wisdom when she talks about the inspiration for this particular polymer clay evening purse on her blog: "Ideas like this come about because I feel my job as an artist includes "paying attention". Earlier in my life when we lived in big cities, in other countries, while I was raising a family, I was paying attention to the stages in my life, paying attention to the lives of other women, and I tried to pay attention to my inner life. All of this is reflected in earlier purses that you can see on my website. Now, with more time and living in the woods of New Hampshire, I am paying attention to nature, not because I ever intended to but because it has pretty much forced itself upon me...By paying attention and then putting it somehow into my work, I hope to open other's eyes and perhaps enable them to pay attention: to life, to the world, to people, to whatever they might be missing at the moment."

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