Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Thirteenth With thirteenthstory: The Red Thread

Four years ago I got a phone call from my brother telling me that he and his wife were going to adopt a baby girl from China. This news was most exciting, my first niece was out there somewhere, and they just had to bring her home. This is Mary:
As you may know, the international adoption process is a long and difficult one, filled with the most challenging waiting period I've ever witnessed. It was close to two years later when they were approved and next in line to visit the orphanage in Chengsha.

During that time, my brother and his wife had learned about a Chinese folk tale called The Red Thread. The story is that every time a child is born, they are surrounded with an invisible red thread that connects them to those who will love and care for them in their lifetime. As the child grows older, the red thread shortens in length, bringing them ever closer to loved ones.

One of the agency professionals who was working with my brother and his wife had a red thread tattooed around her ankle! Its a wonderful idea, and inspired this drawing:
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  2. What a beautiful drawing and an equally beautiful story as well.

  3. I commented you on this drawing and how lovely it is. I became more in love with it when you told me this story. Mary is so adorable!

  4. What a beautiful story and drawing. She is adorable.


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