Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Workspace Wednesday...

...with Louise of The Hole Thing

Welcome to THE HOLE THING studio. Everything that I make for my line is made here from recycled felted wool sweaters. The sweaters are easily felted in the laundry room right next door. What I like most about my studio is the good lighting and that the worktables are different heights. This is especially good for me because I am tall. I also like the good storage space and that there is a place for everything including my KH-970 knitting machine, which I can create practically anything on.

Currently I am working on organizing my space after a very busy holiday season. I am also making a hat for myself that you can see in the top photo and photographing my work so that I can replenish my Etsy site. After this I plan to design a new hole sweater for adults, and one for dogs too, and design several other ideas that I haven’t had time to try the past few months.


  1. Louise
    I love your space so clean and bright

  2. Your space looks very clean and organized. I can't wait to see the new sweaters especially ones for me. Sorry I don't have a dog.

  3. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!! Thats the best workspace ever!!!!

  4. what a fantastic workspace! I love how bright it is.


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