Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's All Their Fault, #2

by Katy of muchacha K

This is the second profile in a series, focusing on the most vital origins of our creative lives.

Dawn of creatively anew's creativity was ingrained by interactions with family and friends. "My parents were a huge influence in my life of creativity. My mom used to do all types of crafts and I was always underfoot, " says Dawn. "My dad was big into model trains. I remember him making a diorama at Christmas time for the trains complete with mountains and a tunnel. When I got older he would include me in the painting of the models and figuring out 'how to' create something by looking at it in detail. My mother's mom, Gram Kimer was always taking us to the five and ten store when we were little. She would always let us pick something out and I would always pick some project craft like making potholders out of the loops, or paint by numbers."

Dawn's work, inspired by the recycling of key materials, can be purchased through her Etsy shop, or seen on her web site or at her blog.

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