Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the thirteenth with thirteenthstory: zines

Zine (pronounced "zeen") is an abbreviated term for magazine. Simply put, a zine is an inexpensively produced underground publication.

But what does that mean?

If you are tired of the magazines found on your local newsstand, and are looking for a new and different perspective in a similar format, then zines might be right up your alley.
Zines exist that cover issues such as music, cooking, crafting, fashion, art, journaling, politics, comics, sports, and millions of personal experiences ranging from tenth grade history class, to
running away from home, to dealing with illness, to starting businesses, and so much more.

There is no set format, these days you select from ezines or paper zines. They come in black and white, or full color, or a mix. They come reproduced by copy machine, or by typewriter, or by hand. Some have staples holding together, many have threads holding them together, and still others have brads or barrettes, or an old piece of gum holding them together -- well, I imagined that last one, but it could be true.

There is a huge variety of distribution possibilities. Some zinesters pass them out on the street, or leave them in cafes and libraries and buses. Some post internet ads on craigslist or LiveJournal. Many sell them via Etsy. There are also "Distros" that purchase zines at a wholesale price, then resell them along with other zines. This is convenient for both zine creators and readers as it allows zines to be easily discovered and purchased.

The third issue of my art zine, thirteenthstory, will be available in March. For me, the format has always been quarter-size pages that I create with my printer and a copier. The cover is always in color, printed out on labels then applied to the blank front.

In each issue there is a spotlight on a famous artist, some creative writing, an illustrated verse, an art dvd review, a look at techniques, and of course it has drawings throughout. Issue two is
still available by clicking here.

Still want more info? Check out Stolen, Sharpie Revolution, or Whatcha Mean What's A Zine at your local library or bookstore.

-Jaye of thirteenthstory

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