Thursday, March 27, 2008

Women of the Cloth Exhibit at Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery

Article by Linda of All Dunn

Women of the Cloth continues on exhibit at the Bunker Hill Community College through April 18. If you have any interest in fiber, go now. You may want more than one visit to take it in.

Laura Montgomery, director, has broadly interpreted the show's tactile and spiritual themes. The 52 pieces explore a range of contemporary textile art. Some pieces celebrate traditional techniques, such as quilting, shibori,and mud dyeing. But most take the tradition and stretch it into new forms, even a silk-screened body bag.

Kasia Bytnerowicz's deconstructed paintings echo with the presence of the body that has just left the room. Laura Morrison's whimsical felted creatures disturb you with their suggestion of growth gone awry. Margot Stage's Flight (pictured below) feels like a model for a huge installation. Jennifer Mecca shreds used clothing only to reassemble it in the model of a regal kimono.

Every piece comes from a deep point of experience.
Jeanne Williamson calls the exhibit "competitive to Fiber Art International," quite a compliment. From a walk on the beach to a brush with cancer, from an empty room to a pointless war, the show explores personal journeys and profound concerns.

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  1. Linda, these are gorgeous. I'm going to try my best to make a trip to see them in person.


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