Friday, April 18, 2008

These are a few of my Favorite Things!

by Lynne of Cozy Cottage Creations

Every now and then, I love to peruse the shops here at Boston Handmade and see what everyone’s up to. I’m sure it’s not even necessary to say that I am always blown away by the talent here. You all inspire me! Here are just a few items that really speak to me.

I just adore this! From the look on the bunny mom’s face, to her super cute skirt, to the incredible fine detail and craftsmanship, this piece really is a gem. As a fellow needle felter, I am so impressed with how Crystal pulled all the other materials in to bring this piece to life. Kudos!

Allison!! You captured it! Ever since the new Charlie card, I have been really nostalgic for my old college days, riding the subway between my apartment in the Fenway, to Emerson, (back when it occupied brownstones in the Back Bay), and then to my job in Faneuil Hall. Not that I ride the subway much anymore, since I live in the burbs and drive a mini van. But I miss the way the token guy had all the change lined up on his side of the window, and how rhythmically he’d take your dollar through the slot and shoot you back your token and your change. Those were the days and this photo brings me right back!

OK…If I were a baby, I would ask my Mom to buy this hat for me. Actually I’d probably hop up and down real fast in my stroller and point and make all kinds of gurgly sounds. Hopefully my Mom would know I meant “Buy me that hat”. It is so cute!

I have been a big fan of Betsy’s since the first day I met her, and admired her jewelry – it was hers of course! I love the boldness of her pieces, mixed with the subtle blending of colors and images. And they are absolutely unique – truly wearable artwork. There have been many of her pieces that just take my breath away the first time I see them, and this one is my new favorite. These are my colors. Hopefully I’ll do something really good soon, and have a reason to give myself a big reward. This would be it!

And, I can’t end this bit about Betsy without mentioning how excited I am about this new product line of hers:Very cool! I hope they’re a big seller for you!

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  1. Thank you Lynne for your kind words about my felted rabbits! It's always so great to get feedback from other felting artists. And congratulations on your Earth ball getting published in Storque! That's so awesome! And so is your Earth ball...I can just imagine several of them, all different sizes, grouped together in a white shabby bowl...yummy!! :)


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