Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Workspace Wednesday...

with Crystal of Vintage by Crystal

It’s impossible to hide the truth, so I won’t even bother. My studio is a mess! And not just your standard, “Oh I was working in here today and it got a little messy” mess. It’s a big time disaster and I kind of like it that way. Bring your wading boots and a shovel…you’re going to need them for this tour!

I use a lot of different materials for my crafts and often what I make depends on what I already have avai
lable in my studio, so it’s important to be well stocked. My studio consists of a small spare bedroom in my Dorchester apartment and everything I collect from flea markets, garage sales, ebay and crafts stores end up hanging on the wall, hanging off a door, in the closet, tucked away in one of my many drawers, on a shelf or, if all of the above are occupied, on the floor.

I sit in a chair and have an L-shaped desk setup (consisting of my childhood vanity and desk) with a TV for background entertainment. I need to have everything I need within arm’s reach since I work on several pieces simultaneously and use lots of different materials for each piece, I sort of get a donut effect where I’m surrounded on all sides with half finished projects and materials normally stored in other parts of the studio. It’s like a creative cocoon where the process is ugly and sometime a little hairy and instead of butterflies emerging, neat and creative works of art and crafts emerge! (How’s that for a metaphor?) I see my studio as an ever changing collage and while things can get a little chaotic, it’s a lot of fun to work in! I hope you enjoyed my little tour! :-)


  1. OH BOY OH favorite, oogling other people's studios.

    Thanks for sharing Crystal, I love seeing where other people create their wonderful handmade creations!

  2. Great space - I love it! I can see how so many gorgeous and eclectic creations come out of there!

  3. This looks very similar to my own studio.

    I bet you know where everything is when you need it. I love a well planned out mess. I should post mine.

  4. I love it - looks exactly like my space - I feel so warm and cozy in it already!!! Thanks for the post Crystal :0)

  5. What a great studio! With so much material for artistic it!


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