Friday, May 9, 2008

Andover Crafts in the Park

Due to inclement weather.

NEW DATE, Sunday, May 11th is the 33rd annual Crafts In The Park in Andover. It is a fundraising event for AFS (American Field Service) which is a student foreign exchange program. AFS is a group close to my heart as both my brother and sister traveled on AFS semesters abroad in high school (to Uruguay and Uganda). My family was also host to a student from the Netherlands who we are in close contact with almost 40 years later! My nephew also recently spent an AFS semester in Ghana and loved it.

The Andover Crafts In The Park is held from 10AM-4PM at the corner of Bartlet and Chestnut Street in Andover. Should it rain it will be in the Andover High School field house on Sunday the 11th. THE HOLE THING's felted sweaters and accessories ( made from recycled wool) will have corner booth #221. The show is just in time for Mother's Day gift purchases !

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  1. Because of poor weather tomorrow the fair will be on Sunday 5/11 instead- in the park, NOT at the field house. Thanks ! Louise


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