Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Appliqued Onesie's

by Beth of Elizabeth Brennick Designs

I sew a variety of items and I have to say that's one thing I love about my craft business the possibilities to create are endless. One item I enjoy very much is my appliqued onesies. I get the chance to take out my sketch book and draw all different things to be then sewn onto these blank canvases. The process is simple and the end result is adorable.


  1. These are just so cute! I love babies, and I love onesie's and your onesie's are above and beyond the call of a onesie. Does that make sense?
    I really can't wait to see your stuff in person at the Marketplace.
    I love your hair clips, too!

  2. Thanks Nancy see you at the marketplace. Maybe w/ a bird in your hair?

  3. If I ever reproduce, I'm hiring you as a stylist ;)

    I love onesies, I wish big people could wear them around without looking like a sideshow.

  4. Katy, you just made me snort laugh.

    I can't even think of one person over the age of 2 that I know, that would look good in a onsie. They tend to accentuate the diaper too much.

    Beth, I will definitely wear a bird in my hair! I love it, thanks so much!


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