Friday, June 6, 2008

What do you bring on vacation??

by Chris of Christine Marie Art

Summer is upon us...time to relax, enjoy, and play! But while some of us are at play, we are also hard at work on our craft. I asked the Boston Handmade members what they would bring with them while on vacation this summer, and it turns out we are a busy bunch even while taking time off. Here's what a "handmade" vacation entails:

Lucie from Lucie Wicker Photography, and Jessica Burko of Reclaimed to You both bring their cameras, sometimes more than one. "I always take a few cameras with me when I travel," says Jessica. "I use a variety of film and digital cameras, and always cart around at least three so I can have options when I find something I want to shoot. In my wanderings I am usually drawn to dilapidated and abandoned structures, peeling paint, and fractured glass."

Strange as it may sound, gallon plastic bags are a staple for Marla Kunselman from SeaGlass Things. "I am in constant contact with the shore in the summer and always looking for any glimmering pieces of sea glass or muted pottery shards to add to my collection. Gallon plastic bags are just perfect for the hunt.... not only are they sturdy & seal shut, they also pack flat!" says Marla.

Louise Cady-Fernandes from The Hole Thing brings pieces of felt, yarn, and a sewing needle. And Crystal, from Vintage by Crystal, brings the makings for her basic spun cotton figures - lengths of cotton, wire and pliers, all kept in a shopping bag (bags again!). She works in the car, or when it's dark, by camping headlight! She says, "By the time I get back home, I have a good supply of plain white figures that I can then dye, paint and embellish in my studio. It works great!"

"I would have to bring my credit card for all of the beads that I would buy!" says Amy Olson of Amy Olson Jewelry, and she's not alone. Mimi Kirchner of Mimi Kirchner Art and Lisa from Glamourpuss Creations share her shopping spirit. "For me it's not necessarily about what I bring on my trips but what I HUNT for," says Lisa. "Everywhere I go I hit up thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, anywhere that I might find cool vintage items and materials for my vintage jewelry. I have beads I've brought home from Denmark, Berlin, Canada and New Orleans. Customers really enjoy the 'story' behind my jewelry."

When she's not shopping, Mimi also carries a sketchbook.

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