Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Modern Woman's Soul Retreat

by, Louise of The Hole Thing

Have you ever wished that you could clear some of the clutter out of your life in order to jump-start your creativity or to just enjoy life more fully? "Clutter" as in circumstances in life that get in your way and drain your energy. Would you like to unearth what your core values really are, and be able to identify your authentic self in order to create a real vision for how you want your life to be?

A few months ago I took a class that guided me in doing just this. The class was called The Modern Woman’s Soul Retreat. It was a tele-class led by Brenda Stanton who I originally met when she led a workshop that I took with Ladies Who Launch. Brenda is wonderful. She is knowledgeable, warm, smart and very supportive. Taking her Soul Retreat tele-class was like cleaning the cobwebs out of my life. It armed me with a host of tools to help guide me not just creatively, but in life in general. After taking the class I have a much clearer vision of how I want my life to be AND a sound understanding of what is extraordinary about me. How often,may I ask,do we get to find that out?

The next Modern Woman's Soul Retreat starts on July 16, meets once a week and continues for 9 weeks. You can participate in it from anywhere in the country.

See me above in one of my felted peace sign tees!

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