Saturday, August 23, 2008

Boston is Inspirational

by Crystal of Vintage by Crystal

I always knew there was inspiration for my artwork everywhere, but lately I've only been looking for it on-line. You know, blogs, websites, Flickr. All great sources of course...probably even a little too good because I was quickly forgetting about all of the inspiration I see in everyday life. I suddenly realized that I was passing by gorgeous snippets of the real world and didn't even turn around for a second glance!

Well, to remedy this I started by looking more closely at common things on my usual lunch break walk around town. My co-worker and I never go too far, just up near the Commons and down some side streets or near the harbor and down the boardwalk. One day last week I had my camera with me and I decided to snap some quick photos of anything I thought was pretty. I grabbed a shot of a cupcake gift bag in a Papyrus window display, a bookshelf in an al fresco bookshop, a sign outside the ice cream parlor, a girly Boston Red Sox hat, a pretty blue (my favorite shade) sign in a Starbucks window, the top of a mannequin in the window at Macy's, looking up the nose of an old street light, a book in a window display, and lastly, an old brick wall messily painted.

All simple, but beautiful things!! :)


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