Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Marriage of Art and Music

by Arian of

Music, whether it's the mood it conveys, the song titles, or the lyrics themselves, is one of my biggest inspirations. I LOVE collaborating on projects with musicians--cd covers, gig posters, t-shirt designs, etc. And my Etsy shop is full of song-inspired prints.
This is my most recent song-inspired print based on Seabird's "Til We See The Shore". I popped the newly purchased album in my ipod and went out for a late-night run last week. And as soon as I got back, had to get this sketch out of my head and onto some paper. The lyrics on the print read "Sing til your heart hurts and then sing some more. Don't stop singing til we see the shore"
This print is a result of listening to Benton Paul's song, "My Favorite Thing" on repeat for about 2 weeks straight. It's such a sweet song and I hope the print does it justice.
I've probably heard the old hymn "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" a couple thousand times. But you know how sometimes, for whatever reason, old songs or stories suddenly take on new meanings and you listen to them as if you're hearing them for the first time? I'm not sure why, but I couldn't get the line "morning by morning new mercies I see" out of my head for days til I finally sat down to sketch out this print.

I've got quite a few other song-inspired prints in my shop. But I'd love to see what other artists have done under the influence of great music.

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