Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Photographing Ireland

by Kerry of Kerry Hawkins Photography

We just went recently to Ireland for a trip. We visited friends, who were house swapping in Ireland. We went to both Northern Ireland and Ireland. I also have a blog post for Northern Ireland, as well. Ireland was very beautiful and as you might think, very green. There seems to be sheep and cows everywhere along, with a castle or two, such as the above one. We spent a few days exploring Dublin. It reminds me of Boston in many ways. It streets are very vibrant with lots of history. The photos below are Dublin city street scene, Christchurch, a funky Dublin gate, and the Kilainham Jail (pictured at bottom). We took a really great tour of the jail. It housed many political prisoners who were jailed for being involved in various uprisings in bid to gain independence from England.

1 comment :

  1. I lived for a summer on the street Christchurch was on, your pictures really brought me back!


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