Thursday, September 4, 2008

Artists Town Meeting

by, Chris of Christine Marie Art

I have to admit -- numbers, laws, policy, healthcare -- it all makes my head swim. However, recently I attended an "Artists Town Meeting" sponsored by Kathleen Bitetti of the Artists Foundation, with special guest Representative John D. Keenan, House Member of the Joint Committee on Tourism, Arts, and Cultural Development.

Together, they are furthering the Massachusetts agenda for:

  • Affordable healthcare for artists

  • Legislation on issues that impact artists, including a push for a more comprehensive Orphan Works bill, and a bill that would exempt all artists from collecting state sales tax

  • Empowering artists to become part of the public policy dialogue on issues that directly impact their livelihoods through the Creative Alliance
In addition to all of the "stuff that makes my head swim," the Artists Foundation website offers an array of marketing and promotional tips (including open studios tips!) that are a fun read.

They urge artists of all disciplines to "Stand up and be Counted" on their online questionanaire, in order to better advocate for our population. And there are two free events, also designed to share information for artists of all disciplines to add to your calendar :

  1. Artists Leadership & Entrepreneurship Conference, Saturday November 8 & Sunday November 9 at the Boston Public Library

  2. Artists Under the Dome Second Annual Event at the State House, Thursday November 13 form 10am - 3pm

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