Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall Colors

by, Linda of Linda B. Dunn

A slew of tiny bags got finished yesterday.
I love these little guys. They hold my essentials - change, credit card, lipstick -and attach them all to my keys, so I don't loose anything. I got this trio on Etsy this morning. More to come.

My fabric haul this summer has been a terrific inspiration. Such wonderful textures and colors! These are high-end fabrics, some costing hundreds of dollars a yard. Combined into wristlets, they are beautiful:
I like how the buttons look, even tho' they aren't functional. The bags are big enough to hold a cell phone, wallet, etc. Handy on their own. Travel light, enjoy the journey: that's my motto. And if you anticipate shopping, bring along one of my tote bags:

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