Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Georgia's New Sweater Vest

Louise from THE HOLE THING

For about a year I have had it on my list to make a dog vest. How cute would it be for the dog's fur to be sticking out of my signature sweater holes like polka dots? Well then Georgia was born, my friend Jayne's adorable Boston Terrier. Cute as a button both inside and out & such an inspiration. Jayne envisioned a pink vest for her little girl with brown, white, and light pink dots. So I felted a few old pink sweaters and finally got on my way by first cutting out the pieces of the vest.
Next I whip stitched around the raw edges with a brown suede ribbon yarn. This will give the vest a more finished look.

My original idea was to punch holes in the felt and Georgia's brown shiny coat would show through them- with the light pink and white appliqued dots embroidered here and there to complete the design. The pink felt didn't felt as densely as I had hoped however which it needs to do in order for the die-cut holes to hold their shape. So I had to compromise and just add some brown appliqued dots as well.

Next I have to decide on how best to secure the vest to Georgia's body. The 2 long rectangle shaped pieces will connect down under her tummy and the U shaped ends will connect under her chin (a bit complicated I know). I am thinking of either using "D" rings, or velcro or maybe even those cool magnets that are used to close pocketbooks. Either way, when I take the vest over for Georgia's first fitting I'll be sure to take a picture to post later on for you all to see...

I hear she is very excited about her first modeling job.


  1. Wow! So adorable! Makes me want to get a little doggie to wear it!

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  3. I bought my dog a little coat that fit him the same way- under the chin and tummy, secured with velcro. it works great. Nice job, very cute!!


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