Thursday, September 25, 2008

Greetings from the West Coast!

by Member Emeritus, Amy of Amy Olson Jewelry

A big hello from Portland, OR! I am finally feeling settled after a whirlwind of visiting, packing, and moving. Scott and I reside in the cutest little apartment in the cutest little building in the cutest little neighborhood. I've even heard the neighbors say more then once how we live in the best place in town! My great great aunt owns the building, so I was lucky to know about it ahead of time. She's a really sweet lady and everyone here thinks of her as family. There is a gorgeous front yard with a garden, deluxe BBQ, and even a hammock! So, in the evenings, we
usually take our dinner outside and spent time with our neighbors, who are all wonderful. Our
neighborhood is vibrant and lively, but we live just off to the side of a busier street and near the more industrial part, which I like. It's a quick hop on the freeway to get anywhere, but there are two cafes and a food coop literally across the street!
We found a studio the day we moved in! It's just a ten minute drive away and over a gorgeous historic bridge near the river. We love it and it's huge! We spend every day there creating. We haven't had too many opportunities to just wander yet, but hope to do so soon. This weekend, we will be checking out a couple of potential venues for our work, Crafty Wonderland and The Saturday Market. Hopefully, we will be participating in their big holiday shows this year! We miss Boston, though, because it has been our home for the past two years.

We have been to the coast twice since we've been back, which is really great for inspiration.....
and I've been making a whole lot of jewelry!
I miss you all so much and wish you the best in your upcoming holiday season!
Please keep in touch,
Love, Amy


  1. I am glad you are doing well. Your jewelry is lovely. Good luck with everything

  2. Sounds like things are going great! Lovely work you're doing.

  3. You sound happy and refreshed Amy - I am so happy for you! Love the new creations!

  4. thanks for your well wishes! i wish i could be doing shows with you in boston this season! i wish you all wild successes!

  5. I miss you guys. Whenever you want to come back and visit you can stay with us. I'm happy that you found a great place to live and studio.


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