Sunday, September 21, 2008

Recurring Themes, part 3

Allison of Fraske Designs has researched some recurring themes in some Boston Handmade members' work. This is the third of a series of posts on the topic.

Lucie of Lucie Wicker Photography notes the presence of trees in her work: "I have always been attracted to trees- their roots, trunks, branches, leaves, blossoms, etc. I love the shapes bare branches make, they are so intricate and delicate at this same time. It was always a subconscious thing but in retrospect, they do pop up in my work more often then anything else."

This Sepia Weathervane photo on canvas is one of my favorites!

On the same note Linda B. Dunn also finds trees popping up in her work, among other things:
"For images, I keep coming back to trees and the human form. In my mind they echo each other, and both are evocative of our inner lives. For my commercial work, I use literal images - my drawings and photos - and explore how they fit in an imaginary, abstract landscape. Often I use text to illuminate the space and the meaning."

Lastly, Crystal of Vintage by Crystal identifies bunnies and cats as a fan favorite:
"I make little spun cotton figures for every holiday, occasion and for everyday display and I always find myself coming back to making bunny people and cat people. The reason? Popularity. I like to please the masses and the masses seem to love my bunny and cat people and I couldn't be happier making them!"

How adorable are these birthday bunnies?

We love to hear feedback from our readers: What recurring themes appear in your work?

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  1. I love all the pieces in this post. It is funny how people do go back to the same themes. With me it is store windows and plants. I do try to do other themes but I am drawn to the same things. I can't help myself


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