Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Thirteenth With thirteenthstory: Colors

by Jaye of Thirteenth Story

Most of my drawings are in black and white, but my inspiration board is covered with colorful clippings. This made me realize that I have been thinking a lot about color lately, specifically the variations within monochromatic artwork.
My latest sketches and designs seem to be breaking away from pure black and white, but they still maintain the simple, clean look which I have been developing for years.

There are a few places I have been getting inspiration and direction. They include DeGraeve's Color Generator, a site in which you point to an existing photo, and it generates a palette in list form, giving both vibrant and dull options. Or Peter Piper's Color Palette Picker: a site where you can choose colors and create a layout that gives a good visual sense of how to best weigh the colors within a composition. And lastly, photographs. Here is one that shows how much real-world variation there can be within just one color:

photo by Michelle Vachon

I hope these resources might help you in your own exploration of color.

Be well,

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