Monday, October 13, 2008

the 13th with thirteenthstory

by Jaye of thirteenth story.

This year I was proud to be hired to design the holiday card for the M + R Strategic Services local office.

There were a few different drafts, they were looking for something wintry and/or something New Englandy. So, if I remember correctly there was a snow design, a lighthouse design, and a design that incorporated some of the text from Robert Frosts' Blueberries poem.
This is the one they ultimately chose:

The biggest challenge in this one was to find something that complimented their logo, which has a very clean look and uses all cool colors. To me, the logo has an icy feel to it, and it was natural to use snowflakes for the holidays.

Thanks for looking,

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  1. I really love how clean cut the card is Jaye - looks fantastic!


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