Sunday, October 19, 2008

Perfect Fall Field Trip

post by muchacha K/Katy Brown

Millbrook Gallery and Sculpture Garden is just over an hour’s drive from Boston, and totally worth the drive before New England freezes over. First of all, the scenery is lovely—the leaves right now in Concord, NH are just about perfect, and the Gallery is located on Hopkinton Road, which winds from Concord to, of course, Hopkinton, NH.

Second, the Gallery and Gardens are located on a NH horse farm…the sculptures are part of the beautiful scenery. You are welcome to browse, and sit, and ponder in the serene surroundings, at your leisure. I happened to go on a day when the gallery was participating in a local “gallery crawl” so I also got to enjoy a bowl of ice cream, and take home a free pumpkin, grown on the farm.

Diversity in the works offered also made for a nourishing experience. Both realistic and abstract styles were represented, 2-D works, as well as 3-D, classic sculptures cut from marble, and sculptural works that appeared to grow from the land itself.

While you’re there, oogle the scenery of the area, and stop into Concord for lunch…here's the WEBSITE for the Gallery…


  1. Love the second pic - very interesting! Thanks for sharing Katy!

  2. Yeah they had a lot of work that was very interesting...I am a fan of the abstract and I was not disappointed.


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