Saturday, October 25, 2008

Resurrected Vestiges

by Marla Kunselman of Sea Glass Things

I have always loved these two words together and have seen them frequently used... "Resurrected Vestiges". So mysterious and limitless. The meanings, however, so simple: res·ur·rect·ed: to bring back to life, notice or use ; ves·tiges: a visible trace that something once existed. In my searches I have come across items that have traveled through time... still embodying the form in which they began - only to be transformed into something new.

It is believed that in 1870 a German ship, once carrying porcelain doll parts, sank off the Atlantic coast... if you are lucky enough you may be able to find one of the doll parts while beach combing. I have only found one - and I transformed into an interesting, yet beautiful necklace - full of history.
On my many journeys I have also uncovered old pieces of tavern pipes and glass buttons. Clay tavern pipes were used as far back as the 17th century and were plentiful during the Civil War. Shards and full pipes have been unearthed from old battle grounds and they have also been washed ashore - lost at sea from tobacco smoking captains.
Tobacco smoking and clay pipes were initially introduced to Europeans from Northern & Southern Native Americans. Pieces of these pipes would be frequently be broken off, and discarded, for sanitary purposes. Glass and bone buttons are fun to find as well. I always imagine where they came from, what type of clothing they were once on, and how there were separated. Under light and when wet - the button below is a dark plum purple. If you are out strolling the shore around active harbors... keep on the lookout - you never know what you may find!


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