Wednesday, October 15, 2008

REUSED REPURPOSED REINVENTED gallery talk TOMORROW @ Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery

An exhibit that explores the art of recycling
September 29 - November 8, 2008

Gallery Talk with Boston Handmade's Jessica Burko of Reclaimed To You and other exhibition artists: TOMORROW
Thursday, October 16,
1 - 2pm

Of the exhibition, Gallery Director Laura Mongomery says, “There is a nice mix of sculpture, collage, assemblage, installation, drawing, printmaking, painting, book art, and other media using cast-offs, appropriated materials, refuse, debris, and odd bits. The range of work is very exciting and the entire collection will hang well together to make our statement about the importance of this movement within the arts to reconsider, revalue, and reassign materials in art making.”

recycleshow.jpgWorks in various media that address the theme of REUSED REPURPOSED REINVENTED are on view by:

Jessica Burko, Bobby Busnack, Ian Churchill, Rebecca Davidson, Catherine Evans, Virginia Fitzgerald, Melissa Hanes, Mark Hartshorn, Anne Kirchheimer, Peter Madden, Charles Mathis, Veronica Morgan, Marianne Ramos, Ken Reker, A.E. Ryan, David Sholl, Tova Speter, Ed Tekeian, Ann Torke, Martin Ulman, Michael Ulman, Molly Van Niceexhibition photos from the opening reception by Jessica Burko

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