Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Seeing the "Ahts" in Boston

By Crystal Hanehan of Vintage by Crystal
Recently my boyfriend Ben and I took a stroll downtown and checked out the Boston Ahts Show (that darn Boston accent can't even escape the written language...lol) to get out of the house and to get a little inspiration!

It was a gorgeous day and there was tons of fabulous art to be seen. Our very own Betsy from Stonehouse Studio was there selling her wares but she was so busy with customers I couldn't even get in to say "hi"! I'll take that as a sign that she did well that day!
While I was too shy to ask anyone to take photos of their goodies, I did manage to get some inspiring wide shots of the event with the city in the background!
The vine covered trellis's was a perfect location for the show... very romantic!
This bicycle reminded me of my trip to Amsterdam...a very inspiring place with it's immense amount of two wheeled modes of transport...all sporting baskets or bells.
The hang out lawn with a large mural in progress...we didn't stay long enough to see the completed piece, but it looked like it was coming along beautifully!
Proof that Ben and I were there.

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  1. I love doing the Ahts festival- the city does a fabulous job of organizing the event. Why, they even give us a free box lunch! My tax dollars at work...

    I also like the fact that almost all my customers were tourists - it's a great way to expand your market base!


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