Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WARNING: Travel leads to artistic inspiration and lots of fun!


by Kirsten of Kirsten Bassion

Detail of door hinge in Oxford - University of Oxford - View from Church in Garsington

I have always found traveling abroad to be one the most refreshing and reinvigorating things that I can do for myself as an artist. Most every location I have had the opportunity to visit has been an enriching cultural and visual experience....blah blah blah....but really traveling is just a ton of fun! In these hard economic times I have to save every penny to get anywhere! This might actually be making the trips more special since they are more rare.

Adelaide on Rainy Streets - Inside Natural History Museum - Parents on the way to the wedding

Recently my family traveled to England for the wedding of my exchange sister from when I spent a month with a family outside of Oxford when I was 12 years old and then on to Madrid to visit my exchange family from when I spend a semester in Spain at 16 years old. (It is good to have so much family to visit!)

Bank of Spain, Madrid - Addy, Me, Ron, Jose, and Lucia in Plaza Mayor - Gate into Toledo

The food, the friends, the smells, the architecture, the museums and cathedrals, and language all inform my art and myself as a person! I love to borrow details of pattern, texture, or color from Medieval churches or hand wrought gates. Since my work is functional pottery, food often is a source of inspiration and will dictate a form or a function.

Jamon Serano ( Ham) - Addy and Uncle Jose - Walled city of Toledo

Every country has its own flavor and unique aesthetic. If I can keep scrounging the pennies together to travel I will! A unique challenge with a little ones but well worth it!

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