Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Art of Craftivism

written by Nicole of designs by lulu belle

While perusing through "blogland" the other day, I came across a new site. As the holidays approach, I'm constantly trying to find ways to teach my children about how it is more important to "give than receive".
Mama to Mama does just that. The woman behind Mama to Mama is Amanda Blake Soule. She is a mother of three young children, a crafter, and author of the book The Creative Family. Amanda blogs at SouleMama.

A quote from the Mama to Mama website puts it all in perspective --

There are so very many reasons why we craft. We craft out of necessity, we craft out of love, we craft for pleasure. And we craft, sometimes, to bring a little peace to our lives, to our hearts, and to our everyday moments. Taking that just a step further, we can - and do, like so many crafters before us - turn our crafting into peace for the world beyond our homes. The simple act of creating something with intention and heart - for someone in need, can have a beautiful effect on the lives of others. We can, indeed, do something to create a more just and peaceful world...all with the simple, mindful and crafty work of our hands.
The first project of Mama to Mama is the the Caps to Cap-Haitien Project: A Partnership with Konbit Sante, which will initially provide newborn jersey caps to be distributed in Safe Birthing Kits in northern Haiti. Konbit Sante is a Maine-based volunteer partnership working to save lives and improve health care in northern Haiti. The statistics surrounding childbirth in Haiti are staggering.

There is a pdf available with instructions on how to make these simple newborn caps. To date, over 255 caps have been received. It is the perfect project to get children involved and teach them the importance of giving back.

Warm wishes to everyone as we begin this holiday season,

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