Sunday, November 2, 2008

Autumn, Tiny Twigs, and the Day of the Dead

by Heather and Kerry Alice of Twigs and Heather

It is kind of hard to say which season we like best. Spring brings new blooms and buds. Winter is great twig pickin' because the trees are bare. Summer is well...summer! But there is something about the Autumn that Kerry and I adore.

The trees are such an inspiration to us and our work. Seeing them change and get more colorful every day is such a joy. The weather is perfect for doing outdoor shows, going to fairs and apple pickin'. Plus, Halloween and All Souls Day also known as The Day of the Dead falls into this season.

Kerry gets many of her ideas for jewelry from the images and folk art inspired by The Day of the Dead. One of it's most common symbol is the skull. We also use these images in our displays for shows. Look closely enough you can find sacred hearts, winged skeletons, and little devils displayed with our jewelry.

We have been working on a few new pieces this month. Kerry has made some beautiful beaded Mr. Roundhead and Mr. Longhead necklaces. We cast all the skulls, birds and leaves. I have been working on some tiny nature charm necklaces. Each piece of birchbark, acorn, and maple seed is cast individually and they are all one of a kind.

I hope that everyone enjoys this wonderful season as much as we do. It is hard not to with so much beauty outside to see.

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