Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tag, You're It!

by Lynne of Cozy Cottage Creations

I’m very excited to say that I was recently invited to have my work represented in a Waldorf school. The Hartsbrook School, in Hadley MA is now carrying a line of my products in their school store. While spending most of September and October putting together their order, it occurred to me that I needed an official tag for my products!

Now, I’ve been tossing around the idea of tags since I first started my business almost two years ago, and up until now they haven’t really been necessary. With so many options out there, it was always difficult for me to make up my mind on which tags I liked best. But there’s nothing like a looming deadline to help bring a concrete decision! With my first real wholesale order, came my first real product tags.

Since my products are soft and fuzzy and made from natural materials, I wanted something that felt organic. I realized the only way to really get that handmade feeling in my tags was to make them myself!

They're completely DIY! I typed the text (with a little blurb about myself for the inside) on my computer, cut and taped the layout the old-fashioned way, had them printed at Kinkos, then cut and folded them myself. I gathered together scaps of some sheets of felt I had made, cut them into little cottages, and sewed them with my sewing machine onto the front of the tags.

The idea for the needle felted heart came in a surprising way. While sifting through my scraps of felt I came across an abandoned valentines project. That little heart was just the touch to complete the image I want to put out there for my products!

I’ll admit these tags are not the slickest or the most perfectly designed with every line of text being perfectly centered. But they’re homey and made with love, which is what cozycottagecreations is all about! And you can’t beat the price. The only thing I paid for was the printing, bringing the cost for 90 tags to a whopping $3.90!


  1. O my goodness: when I looked at the picture I thought the tag *was* your product. Wow, pins, I thought, how beautiful.

    You did a stellar job. Clearly indicates home-made, with out any of the dull-ville overtones that word can have.

    But you might get a good photograph of your favorites before they leave, just in case....

  2. This is a great idea Lynne, thank you! nice job!

  3. Those tags are fantastic Lynne! Very creative!


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