Friday, December 26, 2008

Creative foundations...

by muchacha K, aka Katy Brown

TMI moment: I went to get a professional bra fitting. And I LOVED it. The shop was wonderful, fancy and smelled terrific. It wasn’t scary at all…you keep your existing undergarment/bra on, and they measure under the boobs, then measure you around at the “widest” point of your bust. Subtract the smaller number from the larger one and voila, you determine cup size. (Each inch of difference equals one cup size).

Now, there is a reason I’m mentioning all of this. But first…most women are wearing the wrong size bra. I came in thinking I was a 34 B, and left a 30 D. As if this wasn’t exciting enough, growing two cup sizes in under a minute, they also surrounded me with a million bras in my size. It was a juicy, colorful contrast to the two beige, blah ones I might find on the TJ Maxx sale rack. And…they cost like a million dollars each, but they looked so good that I didn’t care. I settled on a teal satin and lace item with brown detail, with lift for days, that looked like a contender for a Best Bra Oscar, and another less formal one, stretchy and cottony, but not sloppy. And I will happily go back another day, for more.

In fact I will have to, because apparently 30 D is a size rarely carried in most retail stores that sell such things. Combine that fact with my piqued curiosity, my basically crafty nature, and my momentarily small bank account—and I’m now busily learning the craft of bra making.

I’m reading up on fabrics, and lace and elastic (the RIGHT kind of elastic) and calculating the correct proportions and patternmaking…and I now see that I’m just not going to find the delicious components I’m looking for locally. So the search and the research will continue, and the results…will be posted here in the BH blog. I'm thinking leopard print. Stay tuned. Consider this part one of a series. In the meantime, enjoy this fantastic link to BYOBra’s Bra Fitting Tutorial.

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