Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Way back when

By: Sedruola of Yarn Obsession

Have you ever thought back to how things might have been when there was no electricity? I haven't actually thought about it much until we had our first ice storm of the season and were left with no power for two days. At every turn we found ourselves stopped by the lack of electricity. No shower, because the hot water heater needed electricity to heat the water. No cooking because we had an electric stove. No computer, TV, radio, lights or Internet. Basically, we were left in an extremely quiet house with not much to do but what could be done without electricity. Spend time by the fire together.

While my husband took the time to correct papers, I took the time to revel in not being able to do more than pull out my hook and yarn and work diligently on a project I thought would never be done by Christmas due to lack of time. There is always a positive in any given situation and in this one I found an excuse to spend the day, as many women did "back in the day" sitting fireside crocheting with my family around. Of course, had we been back in those times, I'd have the ability to do my laundry, cook, clean etc. But, with all our "modern" conveniences, we haven't got the capability, or desire to go back to the old ways of doing things.

Nevertheless, it's nice to be reminded of what's most important sometimes. We spend days with electricity ruling our activities. When we are forced to take a "time out" it's amazing what we find waiting for us. Books, crafts, family time and quiet time are all things many take for granted. I'm happy to report that sitting fireside with my hubby and having my son play with his toys around us helped reinforce our family and the enjoyment we have in being together.

Turn off the lights, and electronics and pretend they aren't available, you too will find what matters in the dark.

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