Sunday, December 14, 2008


By: Sedruola of Yarn Obsession

I've never been a big fan of Winter. It was always a season I had to "get through" in order to get to the seasons I do enjoy, namely Spring, Summer, and my very favorite Autumn.
However, since crocheting and knitting I've come to have a fondness for Winter that has allowed me to step back and take a look at the positives Winter brings. Below is a list of reason I think Winter is now not only bearable, but one to look forward too just as much as the others.
There is beauty in the barren trees. It's a time when you get to see the shape of the skeleton that makes up a tree and see through the branches to the other side. When they catch snow or ice, it is glorious!
Long sleeves and socks! I love to be "toasty" and in the Winter cuddling up under a blanket or dressing in those long sleeves and socks, makes it easier to "weather" the cold. A nice toasty fire is also something that can only be enjoyed in the Winter.
Then finally, dressing in lovely warmth-bearing accessories is the most fun. Wrapping your fingers in those gloves or your head in that scarf helps keep the wintery cold out and the cuddleness at an all time high!
I'm not going to say that Winter has become my favorite season, but I will say that I've come to appreciate the soft falling snow, the slush and the cuddles that come in the Winter. There is always an excuse to get closer or drink something that warms you when it's cold outside. So, it may not be my favorite season, but it's wrapping itself into the reasons I do love living in New England.
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