Sunday, January 11, 2009

Artists Commissioning Artists

by Nancy of nancyrosetta

I was recently commissioned by a fabulous local artist.

Ann Gorbett came to me in early December and asked if I could make her a palette knife pin in sterling silver. I accepted the challenge with gusto! She sent me pictures of the very knife that she uses to create her masterpieces and I got to work.

I traced the pictures from my computer screen, measured the sections and scaled it down to about 2" long. I think it came out fantastic, I am very pleased with the result.

If the name Ann Gorbett is sounding a bit familiar to you, I had blogged about her back in September when I received a painting that I had commissioned from her last August. She had painted my sisters and I in palette knife, and it is one of my favorite paintings!
You can imagine my delight when she commissioned me to make her a pin!
Artists commissioning artists makes me so happy, especially when I am one of the artists!


  1. Wow-my pin is famous! That is the coolest thing ever.I will wear it even more proudly now.

  2. Wonderful work by both of you!!!


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