Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Artist's Passing

By Kim Morin Weineck of Breton Bleu Studio

A lot has been written of the death this month of Andrew Wyeth and I'm going to add to it.I've been a follower of Wyeth's work since I was little. I'm not sure which painting it was that spurred the admiration, but it was probably the spontaneous realization of these two very well-known works.Christina's World and Master Bedroom were both pieces we sold nearly daily at the frame shop I first worked at around 15 years ago. (This is the same place I met my husband. We'd reconnect and be married around 12 years later.) The egg tempera medium of Christina's World was captivating to me.In the artistic world of Wyeth, Master Bedroom seemed so easy, calm and peaceful unlike so many others of his haunting works.
Tim and I have been to the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland, Maine a few times together. It's something else entirely to see Wyeth's work in person rather than in a reproduction. The last time we traveled north, Tim and I were driving around and saw a sign for the Olson House. We ended up taking 40 minute detour but found the location of Christina's World.That's me in the field. We were trying so hard to recall her placement--and got it wrong.

We took photos of the house. This is one of my favorites. It looks just like a Wyeth painting, doesn't it?
I also like this shot, with Tim's reflection. What fun!
Karin Jurick, an artist I admire, posted this recent painting of hers on her blog. It's of Chadds Ford, PA where Wyeth lived. I love this homage to a great painter. It's got me thinking of creating an homage of my own. More on this to follow.

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