Saturday, January 31, 2009

Painting inspiration

By Kim Morin Weineck of Breton Bleu Studio

Excuses can prevent artists from painting. It can be very easy to come up with an excuse to not paint. An obvious one is a lack of time, of course. Another excuse is lack of inspiration. Not having a subject to paint can be problematic.Carol Marine, an artist who paints daily and is represented by I think six galleries, doesn't seem to suffer from any lack of inspiration. She paints everything and paints it well.Here's a small assortment of some of her flowers.She and her work inspire me. Paint everything and make no excuses!


  1. aaahhhh the brush strokes!!! hey.... why am i not painting? hmmmm perhaps it's time to dust off the 'ol paint box - thanks kim for the nudge in the right direction!


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