Friday, February 20, 2009

Companion Animals of Boston Handmade

by Bexx from BooksByBexx

My cat Malcolm loves to sit on my lap while I sew my books (not ideal for me, but I don't think I have a say in the matter), and I have a bed set up for him next to my workbench so that he can hang out with me when the lap is not an option. I love the company he provides, and find his soft purring soothing.
Not be upstaged, my cat Squeak loves to sleep in my photo tent. Here she is doing some kitty modeling.

This month, I asked other members of Boston Handmade about their pets. Do they have pets that hang out with them in their studio? Do their companion animals inspire any of their crafty creations?

Here’s what they had to say:
Chris from Christine Marie Art has two constant companions in her studio - cat Sammy, and dog, Little Bit. She wrote a recent blog post about
Furry friends, which you can read here.
Lucie of Lucie Wicker Photography shares her space with her beagle, Apollo, and rabbit, Ella. She says she has to “triple check work for a stray hair or two before sending it out and I do try to keep discarded materials off the floor so in that way they actually help keep the place tidy!”. As seen above, these cuties do more than keep Lucie company, they also make excellent models!
Katy of MuchachaK says she allows her cats Pants and Leo into her studio, but is careful to keep cat hair off her fabric, and thread and needles out of their mouths. She says this is pretty easy in the winter when she turns on her space heater. “They sit next to it all day, happily snoozing with each other, and staying out of trouble”.
Jaye from thirteenthstory says that her cat Lucky doesn’t help with the painting, but instead “sits on the couch near the desk and watches intently”. Lucky has also been caught chewing on Jaye’s brush handles. Perhaps she wants to help with the painting after all?
Betsy from Stonehouse Studio has two Maine Coon kitties, Chica and Meche. Chica is “a very big girl, so she pretty much takes up the entire easy chair in my studio. Which usually annoys the heck out of my other Meche, who has to hang out in the other room.".
Beth from Elizabeth Brennick Designs has two cats, Baby and Jake, who she rescued about 4 years ago. She says “ My sewing business is my nine to five job so I'm home everyday all day so when the husband goes off to work and the kids to school it's me and cats. Jake usually finds a neat place to lie down and take a nap. Baby on the other hand chills out right behind my sewing machine (as seen above). I always keep a lint roller around to get the cat hair off the fabric. I'll find them playing with spools of thread or better a felt bird hair clip I just made. I never feel all alone during the week they keep me company and happy especially on those cold rainy days”.
Amy from BumbleBellyDesigns has a Maltipoo named Snowy, who was adopted the day after Thanksgiving.
BumbleBelly sells some adorable leash racks in her shop, and she’s even made one featuring Snowy!

Behind (almost) every great BHer, is a great pet! Companion animals can enrich our lives, and improve your health. Thinking of adopting a furry friend yourself? Visit a local shelter, such as the MSPCA or Animal Rescue League of Boston today!


  1. i cant get over how adorable all of your pets are!!!!!!!!!!! what a great way to start a friday.

  2. What a great post! I couldn't imagine working in my studio without my cats around. I'm glad other BH'rs feel the same way!

  3. Oh I love this Bexx!! So cute, I too have a cat "Luna" short for "Lun-a-tic" LOL I will be blogging about her on my blog shortly ahahha. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Aww, I love seeing the animals behind the businesses! We have two tortie kitties who give us love at home and a whippet collie dog who always joins us in our studio. They're all dedicated to their jobs.

  5. My other kitty, Meche, was terribly upset about not having her photo in this post. Well, I'm happy to report that she is now a happy camper since her picture (on the disputed easy chair,no less) is in the blog post about my studio re-do (two posts up).

  6. My cat Miss Cleo is jealous of the new-found popularity of the other BH pets, and as a result I am currently being shunned. *shun*

  7. I think we need to run this idea a second time for all the other pets! I have an orange cat who I refer to as my familiar, since whenever I sit down to sew, there she is. Why do cats always sit on what you are doing?

  8. OMG - I love Maincoon cats - I had one growing up - the smartest of cats I swear. Lucie - that photo is way too cute of your bunny and dog!


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