Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good news about the CPSIA!

by, Kiki of All The Numbers

For all of you out there that have been lending your support regarding the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, you help has not been in vain!

On Friday we got two pieces of great news. First, a one year stay on the act was proposed and accepted by the CSPC. This does not mean that the law will not go into effect: we still need to make sure all our products are lead free, but we are allowed to do this by using supplier testing certificates, thus eliminating the enormously expensive third party testing that was threatening to put many of us out of business. Since everything still nees to be tested up river, this change does nothing to diminish child safety but allows many of us small businesses to stay open.

(Colorful rolling cow by Tactile Baby)

Second, Senator Jim DeMint (R) SC has proposed new legislation that would overhaul the CPSIA as it stands and put the onus for testing on suppliers rather than small manufacturers. Yea for democracy!

Help us continue our fight by writing to your senators and representatives and urging them to wholeheartedly support the new legislation! This fight is not over yet and we need everyone's voice!

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  1. The stay of enforcement does not cover lead in paint, metal jewelry, cribs and pacifiers or small parts.


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