Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Visit to Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

by, Kerry of Khawkinsphoto

I just joined the ICA as a member. I bought a dual membership for my husband's birthday. I have been wanting to visit the museum again. The building is very modern and a good part of the museum sits over the water. The photo below is the view from the corridor that is all glass (top right photo). It is kind of disconcerting to look down at the water.
Of course, I had to sneak in a window shot of the giftshop (below) The giftshop is loaded with some fun products and artbooks. They also, have a great online store.
The museum doesn't let you take photos of the exhibits, just the common areas. I did however, pick-up this brochure from the Shepard Fairey exhibit. It was an extensive exhibit and I recommend a visit. Some of the posters are quite amusing and all are graphically stricking.
In the last few months I have taken photos of his street art around Boston. The one below was in Chinatown. It was mixed in with some other street art. Adding a bit of local color.
This bottom collage was from a huge poster in the South End. It seemed funny to be plastered on a fence near some very historic and beautiful brownstones. A classic Boston neighborhood
There are some other artists you should check out at the museum, including, Nan Goldin and Rania Matar, both very talented photographers.

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